FACS Board of Directors Mike CarterJamie BlayneySean McManusDavid PeeverAndrew HardcastleMarco Ficaccio


The vision of the Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society is to connect firefighters, retirees and their families to each other, and the communities in which they live and serve. Creating and building support networks for mental and occupational health services and providing such services to  all fire service members who would not otherwise be able to afford it.


The Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society was created to provide help to Firefighters and their families by ensuring they have easy access to meaningful assistance and resources during their time of need. It is our objective to provide Firefighters with that same compassion, generosity and selflessness that Firefighters demonstrate everyday by helping the public and risking their lives and well-being in the line of duty.


FACS strives to meet the objectives this charity was built on, they are:

  • To promote health by providing firefighters, and their families, who are recovering from illness, addiction or disability with access to related counselling, information and peer support services.
  • To advance education by providing seminars, workshops and training programs for firefighters and their families relating to occupational or mental health and/or addiction and substance abuse.
  • To relieve poverty by providing basic necessities of life to firefighters, their spouses and their dependents who are in need, and in particular where such firefighters, spouses and dependents are unable to afford basic amenities due to health issues and/or addiction.
  • To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above-mentioned charitable purposes.